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Jake + Pum Lefebure

Design Army is one of the best and brightest design firms in the D.C. metropolitan area. Started in 2003 by Jake and Pum Lefebure, Design Army works with everyone from the Washington Ballet to AIGA to the Washingtonian. Their work has been consistently awarded and praised across the design industry. They design web sites, corporate annual reports and invitations to charity events — and anything else design-oriented that one could possibly come up with.

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I would love to see the sketch for “Onederful” for the ONE SHOW.

Carl W. Smith

Once again this was a great interview! Thanks!!


I found Pum and Jake to be as candid as they are creative. Very refreshing interview and insight into this design firm's process. When others are taking any work they can get, it's impressive to hear about a firm who can be selective and sought after.

I'm looking forward to reviewing more of Design Army's work and seeing what they have coming up. Great interview, Debbie, Jake and Pum! And I agree with Debbie's comment that "Design Army is on a mission to change the world!"
Sharon Earley

Heard so much about Neenah Paper in the interview that I found Design Army's behind the scenes video about the new launch. Check it out!

Mary H.

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