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Andrew Gibbs

Andrew Gibbs founded The Dieline in 2007 — and has tended to its growth since then. Andrew has always had a passion for package design from a young age, and is thrilled he is able to share that passion with the world. He received his bachelors’ degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of California at the age of 19. He was formerly the Creative Director for the leading beverage development company in the nation. Andrew is currently the CEO of Dieline Media LLC, where he runs The Dieline, The Dieline Wine, The Dieline Awards, The Dieline Package Design Conference, and is also author of Box Bottle Bag — The World's Beck Package Designs from The Dieline.

He resides in Los Angeles, California with his partner.

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As a 26 year old designer, I really enjoyed listening to Andrew's insight. Sometimes, I feel like I can get 'stuck' in the different folds of my young career and it's slightly depressing (hah) but mostly motivating to see someone my age really pushing constructs of the easier career route by more-so following strongly the very thing that makes him, undoubtedly, passionate. Bravo Andrew-

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