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John Flansburgh

John Conant Flansburgh, commonly called Flans or Flansy, is one half of the alternative-rock duo They Might Be Giants. In 1982, he co-founded the band with John Linnell, and continues to play a primary role in the duo as a songwriter, singer, and musician. Flansburgh primarily provides lead vocals and guitar for the band in recordings and at live shows, during which he often leads the band and provides frequent banter. Also among Flansburgh's skills are his capabilities as a music video director. He has also directed videos for Harvey Danger, Frank Black, Soul Coughing, and Ben Folds Five. On a less professional level, Flans frequently puts together iMovie slideshow videos for They Might Be Giants songs. These videos, which all feature mostly previously released songs, and are released through TMBG's YouTube channel.

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very very groovy
laurie rosenwald

Great interview, as always. Interesting coincidence - I was just doing letraset in the moment of listening the podcast. It is still alive.
Excited about the next interview :)

smart interview. my daughter Brooke has decided her 7th birthday is going to be "science" (not princess) based solely on the DVD/ CD "Here comes science". Thx John & Debbie
Felix Sockwell

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