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Bob Gill

Bob Gill is a designer, an illustrator, a copywriter, a film-maker and a teacher. After freelancing in New York, he went to London on a whim in 1960 and stayed for fifteen years. He started Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, a design office with the two brightest designers in England. F/F/G began with two assistants and a secretary. Today, it's called Pentagram, with offices everywhere except Tibet. Gill returned to New York in 1975 to write and design Beatlemania. Gill has had one-man shows in Europe, South America, the Far East and in the US. He was elected to the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame and the Designers and Art Directors Association of London recently presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

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LOVE the dry cleaning example, and so interesting to hear his perspective of concept vs. idea.

Thanks for facilitating this conversation Debbie!!! After listening to him speak on your show, Bob Gill is officially one of my new favorite professionals in the industry.

...of course he was friends with Robert Brownjohn <3 they're both visionaries.

Epic, such a wonderful conversation and I LOVE hearing the beginning of Pentagram, insight from the old school and wisdom for tomorrow.

"We invited just like any problem solver, the best way to work together ... it was absolutely wonderful." —Bob Gill

Pure Awesome. Thank you, I needed this today.

That was wonderful conversation.! I love Bob Gill. Totally brilliant
Saqib Syd

When I stumbled over "Forget Everything You Know..." in my small town’s school library, I didn't know design existed as a job – I thought I might be able to paint signs or draw book covers. I devoured it over and over, eventually stealing it when I left for college (I later replaced it with two copies). My stolen copy was later stolen – I like to think Mr Gill would appreciate the symmetry.
Gary Schmidt

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