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Audrey Arbeeny

Audrey Arbeeny is the award-winning Executive Producer / Creative Director for Audiobrain, a globally recognized sonic branding boutique. Audrey also oversees Audiobrain’s ongoing research in the areas of psychoacoustics and biomusicology. With over twenty years of experience, she is recognized throughout the world as a pioneer in sonic branding, presenting on this discipline as early as the 1993 Design Management Institute in Amsterdam. 

She has been Creative Director / Head of Production for the strategic development of brands’ sounds including Microsoft's Xbox 360, Virgin Mobile USA, Glaxo Smith Kline, Google, Logitech, Major League Soccer, KIA Motors Corp. The New York Giants, McDonald’s, Merck, and HBO to name a few.

Audrey is currently the in the process of undertaking a research study focusing the affects of sound on patients, staff and families in intensive care units with a world- renowned medical facility, "Music and sound are far more important than most people realize, and we'll be developing studies to substantiate our theories about its affect on wellness and healing". This constant search for knowledge, exploration and new ways of thinking about sound are why Audrey is one of the most respected influencers in her industry. She is a sought-after guest speaker and has educated on sonic branding all over the world.

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