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Caroline Paul

Debbie talks to writer Caroline Paul about her death-defying adventures, and how girls must learn the difference between fear and exhilaration. "When you face a situation you can choose, do you want to listen overwhelmingly to your fear, or do you want to try to access your bravery?" 

Caroline Paul wrote about her thirteen and a half year career as a San Francisco firefighter in Fighting Fire.  Her novel East Wind, Rain came out in 2006. A movie based on the book is in production. In 2013, her third book Lost Cat, A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology was published. Her newest book, The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure, published in 2016, is a rally cry for girl power. Part memoir, part how-to-outdoors guide, the book offers life lessons through adventure stories. Her identical twin sister is actress Alexandra Paul, and her brother John Paul is an animal rights activist. Caroline flies experimental airplanes and lives in San Francisco, with her partner, artist Wendy MacNaughton.

Listen to Debbie's interview with Caroline and Wendy here

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