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Design Matters from the Archive: Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes started out as a book typesetter, and eventually, in 1994, opened up her own design firm. But in 2003, she left all of that behind and began experimenting with work that was highly personal, obsessively, and sometimes, as she puts it, just plain weird. Bantjes is known for her detailed vector art, her obsessive hand work, and her patterning, color, and ornament. Writing about writing about Bantjes on Design Observer, Jessica Helfand said, “Her’s is a lofty, loopy lova affair with typography and pattern and color. In an age in which everyone claims to be a designer, Bantjes approach lies somewhere between perfectionism and fettishism. In this, as in so many things she is utterly fearless.”

Debbie talks to Marian about her daring typography and her highly ornamental design. “In graphic design we’re taught that we’re supposed to focus on the message of the client. And you’re supposed to get that across as quickly and effortlessly as possible, so that people get it and move on. But I’m trying to do just the opposite.”

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