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Sukey Novogratz

We all know we should meditate. We know it would bring more energy, more focus, more peace of mind. But we’re busy, we’ve got a million projects to do, careers to build, and just don’t have the time. Sukey Novogratz has some advice for us. Just sit. That’s actually the title of a new book she co-wrote with her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Novogratz. The subtitle is A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don’t. Meditation is great in theory, but in practice we fall flat on our faces. Or we fall asleep. Sukey Novogratz joins the podcast to talk about meditation. But, she’s also here to talk about the life changing trauma that first motivated her to meditate and subsequently to initiate important advocacy work she’s doing with the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Debbie talks to Sukey Novogratz about meditation and recovery from trauma. “How did you forget? That’s what you do to survive. And you are a bit hollow because you aren’t really anchored in your body because you’ve had to be disconnected to it.”

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