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Richard Haines

Once upon a time, back in the 1970’s, Richard Haines moved to New York to become an illustrator. But he found work as a fashion designer instead. For the likes of Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, and Bill Blass. And was very successful at it. In 2008, after some major personal and professional changes, he started a blog for his illustrations, mostly of well-dressed guys, out on the street. It took off, and now, he’s a go to illustrator for the New York Times, GQ, fashion brands, and he’s huge on Instagram. He's come full circle, but the circle is not yet complete.

Debbie talks to Richard about his late blooming career as an illustrator. “As I’m drawing and I’m not really thinking about it, but I’m always editing information. To not spell everything out. To bring it to someone else.”

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Jobs | July 21