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Christina Tosi

“No one teaches you how to be prepared for the things you chase down in life.” Those are the words of Christina Tosi, who once upon a time was writing food safety manuals for Momofuku when Chef David Chang asked her to make dessert for a private party at the restaurant. The cakes and pastries were divine and so began the journey to creating Milk Bar at Momofuku. Shortly thereafter it spun off as a stand-alone bakery in the East Village. Now there are many Milk Bars in New York City, as well as bakeries in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and Toronto. Christina Tosi is now a television personality, and an author. Her lastest book is aptly named All About Cake.

Debbie talks with Christina about her long apprenticeship. “You’re just dog tired. Your feet hurt. Your hands hurt. You know nothing. And you couldn’t be happier, because you know you’re in motion.”

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