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“Comics have such a simple, little bag of tricks. Some tiny drawing in boxes. A few words contained in a bubble. A handful of roughhewn symbols. Almost nothing to it. But the more you look, the more you come to appreciate their almost endless possibilities.” That was written by a Canadian cartoonist who has been exploring those endless possibilities for decades in his graphic novels, his art, and his design. His pen name is Seth, and you could say he’s a cartoonist’s cartoonist, because when you mention his name to fellow practitioners of the art, they swoon.

On this episode Debbie talks with Seth, the artist behind the book Palookaville, about why his generation of cartoonists broke away from fantasy. “We all came from that world of reading Marvel comics or DC comics or whatever, and we all wanted to get away from that. And the most obvious thing to get away from that was real life.”

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