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David Lee Roth

When David Lee Roth was a boy, he liked to draw at the kitchen table. When he’d ask his mom to come over and look at what he created, before she did so, she would ask “should I get a magnet?” In other words, either the drawing was worthy of being displayed on the kitchen refrigerator, or he was wasting her time. David Lee recalls looking down at his drawing and thinking “I can do better.” David Lee Roth is still pursuing mastery. The lead singer of Van Halen is just back from the Ultra music festival in Miami, where h performed an electronic dance remix of his classic 1980’s song "Jump". He is a bestselling author, a multi-platinum rock and roll star, and a businessman with a new skincare line for tattoos.

Debbie talks to David Lee Roth about his childhood, about his long career and his new skincare business, and about how he has avoided crashing, like so many other rock stars. “To be perfectly fair, I’ve had my wild excesses.”

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