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Tatiana Schlossberg

You wouldn't know it from many media outlets, but we are in a climate crisis. Our government, and governments around the world have failed to curb greenhouse gasses, and the future of the natural world and humanity itself is looking very dire. To turn the tide, we will need massive action from our political leaders and our corporations. We will also have to change our individual behavior. Because our own consumption habits are part of the problem. Tatiana Schlossberg writes about climate and the environment for the New York Times and other outlets. Her first book is called Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have.

On this episode, Debbie talks to Tatiana about what we can do, as individuals, about climate change. "The most important things to do are to vote, and to get involved in the political process. If people want to make changes to their behavior, that's fantastic, but it can't end there."

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