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12 Weeks of Poster Design

Who doesn’t love a well-designed poster?
At ThoughtMatter, we all share a passion for art and culture, so naturally our love for museums is strong and discussed around the studio daily. What would be the best way to combine our passion for museums while continuing our pursuit to create something new each day?

The answer became clear and simple: design museum posters!!

Inspired by the Cooper Hewitt’s “How Posters Work“ show in 2016, we wanted to pay homage to the art form of poster design. “As a medium of communication, the poster has a long history and a wide range of social functions, from selling a product to promoting a cause. Despite the rise of digital media, the print poster remains a vital and oftentimes radical form of visual communication.”

For 12 weeks, designers picked a museum in NYC and designed a poster inspired by what makes each distinct and special. From architectural features to current exhibits, we chose design elements that reflected the mood of each museum. The result manifested in a curated poster collection featuring some of our favorite spots, where we often make pilgrimages for creative inspiration and reflection.

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