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Cities from the Sky

An exhibition of Sze Tsung Leong's photographs of cities opens today at the Yosi Milo gallery, in Chelsea. I've written about Leong's work a great deal, on this site and elsewhere, so I will refrain from a long disquisition here, but to mention the fact that the show is on, and absolutely worth a visit. I will note that Leong has a way of capturing cityscapes from angles (typically, elevated) that are unfamiliar. The shot of Lincoln Center, above, is certainly unusual. It seems as much a minimalist composition of collapsed grids as it is a representation of a living urban place. What a contrast it makes to Lincoln Center this week, with the resplendent hordes of Fashion Week rushing about its travertine plazas. DS+R's floating square gateway of faux marble works beautifully in the space. You won't find it in Leong's picture, but I took a snap of it the other night, below.

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