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Envisioning Design: Education, Culture, Practice

The Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa is hosting a symposium April 26-27 called Envisioning Design: Education, Culture, Practice.

The two-day series of events are intended for design professionals, design educators, current students and alumni. It kicks off Friday night with the student portfolio night, then a keynote speech from Sang-Duck Seo, Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Media Department of Art, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. On Saturday, participants will be able to attend a smorgasbord of brief (30 to 40-minute) mini-presentations, panel discussions and other events. These will pertain to the widest range of aspects of graphic and other kinds of design, including (but not limited to) design history, typography, design theory, design education, design technology, design practice, ethics, sustainability, design as business, design compared to studio art, intern programs, portfolio preparation, job searching and the future of design.

All events are free and open to the public.

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