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Episode 48: Lella and La La

On this episode, Michael and Jessica remember John Berger, who was best known for Ways of Seeing, a BBC television series with a companion book designed by Richard Hollis. Michael says:

I remember being assigned this book in college in the 70s and thinking it was hideous.… Now I think it’s brilliant and it actually seems prescient and has been extraordinarily influential.

There are at least two or three occasions in my life where I’ve just been up against a combination of text and images and I’ve said — often to a younger designer I’m working with who may not even know the reference — I’ll say, “Oh to hell with it, let’s just do it like Ways of Seeing.”

Also mentioned:
  • New York Times obituary for Lella Vignelli
  • Geoff Dyer, Olivia Laing, Ali Smith, and Simon McBurney remember John Berger
  • trailers for Jackie and La La Land
  • Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, and Donald O’Connor, Good Morning

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