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Make America Great Again?

11.03.16 | Side streets appeared empty and many restaurants and bars were quiet. In places, downtown Cleveland felt void of life, the lockdown scaring all but the most faithful away.

Inside the convention the Jumbotron projected a vision of strength and unapologetic aggression. Speech after speech worked to reinforce the need for order and security. With domestic attacks in Dallas, Orlando and San Bernardino on many people’s minds, the message seemed universally accepted. The alliance between a billionaire businessman and Republicans was locked in, even if the party establishment was cold to the relationship. The celebration continued and the empty streets waited outside... © Danny Wilcox Frazier / VII

Today in 1964, incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson defeats Republican nominee Barry Goldwater, Sr. in one of the biggest landslides in the country’s history, with a margin of over 22 percent. The campaign was a heated one with Goldwater very suspicious of his opponent’s overly liberal stance. Goldwater was against welfare programs and defended his own policies. Not surprisingly, this hard stance didn’t win over the American people. He also accused Johnson and the Democratic Party of supporting communist aggression. Johnson fought back and painted Goldwater as a warmonger who would start a nuclear world war if brought into office. Despite his claims that he would not send American boys to war, Johnson sent US combat troops to Vietnam just months after elected into office.

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