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(Not) Basic Training


The J-E-T-S are out of the playoffs following a valiant effort yesterday afternoon. That's not a shocker, though their appearance in the AFC Championship Game certainly was surprising. Deserved credit went to the defensive schemes of head coach Rex Ryan, stellar play by DB Darrell Revis, and the smart decision-making of rookie QB Mark Sanchez.

But maybe a game ball should also go to architect Roger Duffy of SOM. Duffy and his team designed the Jets's state-of-the-art training facility in Florham Park, NJ, which opened last year. It is a high-tech place invented to give the Jets every conceivable advantage over their opponents. Temperature controls allow them to simulate any game condition. Anti-microbial materials and hand-washing stations keep the expensive workforce in good health. The entire place is designed down to the inch with every high tech accessory the coaching staff and players might need or want. It's the NASA of football facilities. I reviewed it for ID last year.

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