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The Observatory: Such Watch

On this episode, Michael and Jessica talk about Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president for design, and the rollout of the Apple Watch. They consider everything from the questionable wisdom of rounded corners to the typography of the WATCH logo. (That glyph before the word WATCH is supposed to look like an apple, but if you're using another OS, you may see something else. For Mac users, a pro tip: Option-shift-K gets you a .) They also remember the work of architect and designer Michael Graves, who died on March 12.

Mentioned in the episode:

• Video: Jonathan Ive introduces the Apple Watch, from September 2014
Ian Parker’s New Yorker profile of Jonathan Ive
• Video: Christy Turlington Burns wears Apple Watch
Reinventing the Wheel by Jessica Helfand
• Anne Quito on the Michael Graves designs you didn’t know about

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