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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the CEO and president of IDEO, and speaks regularly on the value of design thinking and innovation to business and design audiences around the world. He participates in the World Economic Forum at Davos, and his talk “Serious Play” can be seen on In this interview, he reviews his career at IDEO, explores the impact of design processes (drawing and storytelling), as well as discussing his new book, Change By Design.

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There has been much debate on this website about the integrity of designers and design firms that participate in efforts to solve social problems—Ideo is occasionally mentioned. Some argue it is self serving and ignorant for designers to engage in what they do not understand—both of these might be true, but does it matter? People like Tim Brown are excited about getting involved and taking action, be it clean drinking water or ATM’s. These are good things. What motivates people get involved is complicated, but surely the benefits of engagement outweigh the criticism.
Aaron Stienstra

This is an exceptionally insightful and inspiring interview. Tim talks about how and why he got into design in the first place and how he applies design thinking to leading IDEO. The way he describes it, change seems so easy. Great questions posed by an over-gushy interviewer who just about manages to contain herself. Ha ha , we love him too.
Ian Hallworth

Tim's insights expressed in this interview have inspired (and informed) so much in me as a designer. Because of this bit of audio I am studying his book "Change by Design" eager to understand design thinking fully and adopt its principals. Thank you.
Ralston Vaz

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