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Rob Walker

Rob Walker is a freelance journalist and the "Consumed" columnist for The New York Times Magazine. He is also the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are. His writing has appeared in many magazines and newspapers.

Murketing.com is Walker's blog, descended from an earlier project called the Journal of Murketing. Other projects include Unconsumption, Things That Look Like Other ThingsCounterfunctionality among others. 

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Rob Walker discusses his interest in death and how our digital records remain online, being shy and how this influenced his decision to become a journalist, writing about the sleeved blanket known as the snuggie, and the wish to brand the idea of "be happy for what you have."

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Thanks for the great interview. Rob is fantastic. He has one of the most insightful and honest perspectives of design, brands and consumerism today. It's great to have an external voice keeping the navel gazing of the industry in check.

He also continues to lead interesting creative projects that use the power of design and storytelling to provoke and incite real thought about the issues around us. Keep doing great things!

Thank you Debbie Millman for interviewing Rob Walker -- very well done and an impressive choice!

Although several writer-designers who contribute to this site look critically at design & consumption, I am struck by the lack of comments here. (For such a contentious topic...) Are designers embedded too deeply within commercial culture to relate to Rob's perspective? Have you received any anecdotal responses to this interview, Debbie? I'd be very curious to hear any.

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