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News from Elsewhere

The Dutch Design Awards finalists were announced earlier this week.

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since Hurricane Katrina. These well-done WWNO radio pieces on the (still surprising, still disappointing) aftermath of Katrina (and aftercare of the city) feature urban planner George McCarthy and native son (and actor) Wendell Pierce.

Excellent Washingtonian piece about how services like Amazon Prime and Uber are fundamentally changing how and where people live in the capital and the impact they have on Washington's urban fabric.

Designer Daniel Britton designs what his dyslexia looks like

MuirMcNeil and London College of Communication are hosting this week's Font Sunday on Twitter @designmuseum.

Rhizome, in collaboration with The New York Times' Op Doc series released a new short film by Laura Poitras, her first since the release of Citizen Four

Anarchy at the checkout.

A new bill introduced by a Vermont senator would benefit artists as much as current tax law serves the interests of wealthy collectors.

Orit Gat edited a special edition of Bard's CCS Red Hook Journal on art publishing and the web. Great contributors, compelling arguments.

—Eugenia Bell 

Home page image: Ducyh Design Award finalist Floris Schoonderbeek's "Groundfridge"

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