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Rough Sketches

On this episode of The Observatory, Michael and Jessica discuss two new—and opposing—trends in video. On one hand, ordinary people are capturing raw footage on cell phones during confrontations with police and streaming live views from Black Lives Matter protests and other political events. On the other, filmmakers and designers are “thinking by making,” and offering up eloquent criticism in the form of meticulously edited video essays.

Jessica says:
It’s just emotionally really rewarding to see these things. I think we live in an age where video is so polished and we go to see blockbuster movies and everything’s in 3D and now we’re waiting for augmented reality to hit next. So to see these things that are made by these really thoughtful, intelligent people? I think the world needs a lot more people like Jarrett Fuller and Tony Zhou.

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Excellent episode! Jessica and Michael are always so prepared! I agree that augmented reality is the next stop, although I am a little scared of it. I do not know why exactly. I just think that what we have right now is enough. I will show this episode to my colleagues from Localpeek, I wonder what they will say about it. Thanks!
Emma Jackson

While listening to your thoughts on "improvisatory" editing, I wondered (and this wasn't the first time I've wondered) about the preparation and editing you (Bierut and Helfand) do in order to create "The Observatory." I imagine you having longer conversations about the topics we hear about, conversations that you tighten up for the podcast. So, if you happen to be feeling reflexive some day, why not tell how the podcast comes together?
Mark Hineline

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand Jessica Helfand, a founding editor of Design Observer, is an award-winning graphic designer and writer. A former contributing editor and columnist for Print, Eye and Communications Arts magazine, she is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale and a recent laureate of the Art Director’s Hall of Fame. Jessica received both her BA and MFA from Yale University where she has taught since 1994. In 2013, she won the AIGA medal.

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