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Mike Rigby

Mike Rigby once said that in this world there are optimists, pessimists, and there are designers. Optimists see the glass as half full, pessimists see it as half empty, and designers see a uniquely shaped glass. According to Rigby you can apply that way of thinking, that lens, to any problem, anywhere in the world. And throughout his career, he has done just that. Winning over 50 international design awards for clients such as the Tate Gallery, Alzheimer's Australia, and the National Portrait Gallery. His work strives for simplicity first—communication, not decoration. Design with a social conscience.

On this podcast Debbie talks to Mike Rigby about his international career in design and branding and how to stay creatively engaged. “Every event you go to, every person you meet, everything you do is fuel for your next idea.”

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Jobs | July 21