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Design Matters from the Archive: Krista Tippet

Krista Tippet listens to people for a living. She's the host of On Being, the public radio show, so her voice is familiar to many people. But fans of the show hear her not only talking, but listening. It's an odd thing to say, but you can actually hear her listening to her guests as they talk intimately to her about the big questions of science, spirituality, politics, art and life. All that listening eventually coalesces into books that are inspired by her interviews. Krista Tippet has written three of them, and her latest is Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living.

On this podcast Debbie talks to Krista about her religious orientation, her struggle with depression, and about why it's so hard to understand our historical moment. "The things we're shining a light on, the things that are getting all the attention, the people that are getting all the attention, are probably not the ones who are changing the world."

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