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Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock has an unusual resume. Most of her career, nearly three decades of it, has taken place within the same company, General Electric. It’s not that she hasn’t moved around. She started in public relations at NBC, then worked her way up to become Chief Marketing Officer, and finally GE’s first female vice chairman. But in 2017 she made perhaps her biggest move so far, she left the company to pursue her own projects. One of which is her new book, Imagine it Forward. And it’s about summoning courage, and creativity in the face of constant change. Beth is also a director at Nike and former board president of the Cooper Hewitt national design museum.

On this podcast, Debbie talks to Beth about her career at General Electric and how big companies can innovate. “I think the worst thing you can do in this time of rapid change is just say ‘Well, I’m never going to change.’”

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