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V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Eve Ensler is no more. After she finished her latest book, The Apology, written from the point of view of her father, who physically and sexually abused her when she was a child, she changed her name. Eve Ensler is now simply, V. She joins Debbie from her home in upstate New York to talk about The Apology, and about her extraordinary career as an activist and playwright. V is the author of The Vagina Monologues, which first appeared off-Broadway off-off-Broadway in 1996, and has been performed around the world ever since. Just some of her books and plays include The Good Body, I am Emotional Creature, The Treatment, Necessary Targets, as well as the remarkable memoir, which was also a one woman show, titled In the Body of the World.

Debbie talks with V about her abusive father and how feminism has shaped her career. “I just wanted to give women an opportunity to tell someone their story, because they needed to tell their story. And a lot of it, unfortunately, was about sexual abuse.”

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