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Episode 134: Fast and Furious

Jessica talks with Gail Bichler, the creative director at the New York Times Magazine. Gail talked about the challenges of shaping an urban magazine remotely, with a distributed team. She also discusses the challenge of maintaining a sense of normalcy for her family, which has spent the past several months in northern Wisconsin:
It was my son's 12th birthday. And we don't have family or friends up here. And I wanted to try and do something to make a memory. There's been so many disappointments and it's such a hard time for kids.

So I found a movie theater here, a small theater that was showing mostly classic films that I was able to arrange a private showing of a movie as a present.

We don't have the same taste in movies. And we ended up seeing the Fast and the Furious… But I actually really enjoyed the movie. And it was emotional, because just seeing something on the big screen…

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