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A Neue Font We Don't Need

Image via Comic Neue

Last week saw the wide publication of Comic Neue — an updated version of the much maligned Comic Sans. Despite some praise — AdWeek claims it to be "a new version of Comic Sans that might not make you vomit" — there's a lot of disdain for the new font. Some of our favorite is from Jezebel:
It doesn't matter how hard you try to be friends. Comic Sans is still that dopey, moronic imbecile who farts at the dinner table and makes wisecracks about blaming it on the dog. UGH SHUT UP COMIC SANS, WE KNOW IT WAS YOU WHO JUST FARTED. Because Comic Sans is a constant, never-ending continual fart at the sacred table of typography.So along comes Comic Neue. Comic Neue wants to turn the Dairy Queen of fonts into Le Cirque.

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