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Accidental Mysteries is an online curiosity shop of extraordinary things, mined from the depths of the online world and brought to you each week by John Foster, a writer, designer and longtime collector of self-taught art and vernacular photography. “I enjoy the search for incredible, obscure objects that challenge, delight and amuse my eye. More so, I enjoy sharing these discoveries with the diverse and informed readers of Design Observer.”

Editor's Note: All images are copyright of their original owners.

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Imago-mental Domino: one more. Here.

They're beautiful!Thanks!

I enjoy John Foster's "collections" very much. I am still trying to decide if I'll live long enough to be able to espalier a tree into a chair! But, I am mildly disturbed by the lack of credit given to the "original owners" referred to in the weekly-posted "Editor's Note." I hope that rather than edit or delete my concern, the Editor and/or John will address the concern as I am sure others have wondered about the origins and histories behind the work. I also wonder which, if any of the images are photos taken by John himself. Am I not understanding something of the presentation? Besides the fact that I think it is always polite to credit creators and owners of anything, it's very enjoyable for viewers to learn more about the creators of the works also.

identity researcher

Hello Identity Researcher. I really do appreciate your comment and it has been something I have definitely thought about. I do care about the original identity, the primal source, and when I can find it without long agonizing time spent I do. Many images I find are from Tumblr sites, images that have already been long disconnected from the original source. For some images, it is a thread that seems to go on and on and no where. Your comment is well taken and it is polite to credit the creators. I'll try harder.
John Foster

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