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Editor’s Note: This Friday we’re diving in to our archives to show you something fun. John originally posted this exactly four years ago, on February 19th, 2012. Enjoy!

This collection of underground music and culture events flyers come from the personal online collection of Chicago collector Marc Fischer. Most of them are from metal and hardcore shows, in particular. Many are from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh from the mid-late 1980s and early 1990s. Others were collected from other cities during the same time period or were mailed to me by friends around the country. You can see more of these rare flyers on his Flickr site here.

Accidental Mysteries is an online curiosity shop of extraordinary things, mined from the depths of the online world and brought to you each week by John Foster, a writer, designer and longtime collector of self-taught art and vernacular photography. “I enjoy the search for incredible, obscure objects that challenge, delight and amuse my eye. More so, I enjoy sharing these discoveries with the diverse and informed readers of Design Observer.”

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Have some good ones from 688 , the punk club in Atlanta if you're interested.

Those were the days! You might be interested to know more about the two Pittsburgh venues. The Upstage is now an IGA Market and The Electric Banana is "Zarra's: A Taste of Southern Italy." Judy and Johnny "Banana" Zarra were known for feeding Italian food to bands who played there, and they turned the place into a restaurant. Quite good, in fact.

Rob Henning

It seems just yesterday when posters for concerts look as simple as the ones you included here. What's interesting is that, these prints don't look that bad, maybe just a bit creepy.
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I remember the 688 on Spring. Saw the Minutemen there. I might be interested in the old posters.
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