Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact." /> Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact." />

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Four New Typefaces

The Panopticon grid showing the glyphs 'ae' in the four projections (layers 30 and 40), left to right, top to bottom: A, B, C, D

MuirMcNeil have released four new parametric typeface systems: Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact.
Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact are based on the application of regulatory conditions to generate geometric typefaces which function as the building blocks of page and screen architectures. The attributes of each type system, such as contours, set width, spacing and weight, are modulated consistently in calibrated steps, allowing the user precise control of typographic arrangements, spaces or sequences.
Read more about each typeface and see the posteers designed to highlight the new typefaces: Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact.

Nine Metric – contours showing the 9 weights

The four sizes of Interact at relative scale – the boldest weights in each size are shown in black; lighter weights are shown as contours

Intersect A and B in combination, showing 8 examples from a set of 256 possible variations

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