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Glaser Goes Psychedelic

If you're watching the premiere of the last season of Mad Men this Sunday, you may notice some familiar-ish graphics. That's because the key art for Season 7 was created by Milton Glaser, based on some of the work he became known for in the 1960's and 70's, now frequently described as 'psychedelia'.

In a profile of the collaboration on The New York Times, Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men said:
“I grew up with a poster by Milton in my house, which my parents bought at MoMA,” said Mr. Weiner, 48, describing a 1966 promotion for WOR-FM radio, now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, showing five Beatles-esque performers rendered in a wildly colorful style that evoked both Art Deco and hard-edge painting."
Milton Glaser's studio has created a limited-run of archival pigment prints of this poster for sale. Printed on 22 x 17" velvet fine art paper, and limited to an edition of 200, these works are each signed and numbered by Milton.

Read about the Mad Men Key Art in The New York Times.
Purchase the print here.

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