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Glass Houses

It seems only fitting to inaugurate a space called the Observers Room with an image of a glass house — the Glass House. As Bill Drenttel has already penned an elegant introduction to this channel, I will refrain from belaboring the same points, save to mention how pleased I am to be a part of such an exceptional team. Under my byline, you'll find writing on architecture, design, art, New York, books, sport, and whatever else seems relevant to the day. Your thoughts are welcome, whatever the topic at hand; the comments are open. 

I'll also be using this space to work through ideas on the project that commands the majority of my time: a biography of the late architect Philip Johnson. One of the many pleasures of my research on this book is the opportunity to spend time at Johnson's Glass House compound in New Canaan. Whatever one thinks of Johnson — and there's a lot to think about him — there's no denying the beauty of the private universe he invented for himself in the Connecticut woods. And so to kick things off, to follow is a brief slideshow of the Glass House in fall. But let me also note here that I will be speaking tonight at the SVA's D-Crit program on the subject of book writing. It's open to all, though RSVPs are required.   


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This house is really nice medium to live on the world inside out! I like the location on which this is situated, It is really enchanting and lovely. Thank you Johnson for such a beautiful creation.
Omkar Khadamkar

Checkout http://www.materia.nl/563.0.html?

Full story of the famous Dutch glass house on http://besthousedesign.blogspot.com/2008/10/laminata-house-of-glass-by-kruunenberg.html

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