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Ringing in the New Air

Nendo's Bell-Orgel collection for Isetan

Isetan, the venerable Tokyo department store, is doing its bit for the atmosphere. In partnership with MoreTrees, an initiative led by the composer, musician and environmental activist Ryuichi Sakamoto to reduce carbon emissions through reforestation, the store is selling bells made of sustainably harvested cypress wood that have been individually customized by 57 artists and designers. No less beautiful are the bell’s unadorned versions (above), designed by the Tokyo studio Nendo with music box mechanisms inside. The collection, called Bell-Orgel, is available in tabletop, handheld and hanging models. The plain bells are ¥7,900 ($98); the decorated one-offs are ¥21,000 ($260).

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I think you hit a blulseye there fellas!

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