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Tiny PMS Match

Matching items in the world to Pantone chips is nothing new. There's the Brazilian artist who matched skin tone to Pantone colors. We've blogged an artist who matched food to Pantone colors, as well as an artist who made Pantone chips out of food. So we weren't sure we cared when we found this Instagram page by designer Inka Mathew (@greenink ) who is matching tiny objects to PMS colors. Much of it is exactly what you'd expect: precious little flowers or small pieces of candy. But every once in a while you come across one that catches your eye.

Pantone 189 color match. This Metoprolol Tarta, a blood pressure control medication. My husband is taking this tablet since April 2013. He's taking steps to better his health now so he can stop taking this medication. Update: He's off this medication! Even ran a half marathon.

Now you know the Pantone colors of Fruit Loops:

Let's hope for more surprises.

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