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Wheat Paste Graffiti in Detroit

While it seems like most of the country has given up on Detroit, a few undergrad design students at Eastern Michigan University have not. In collaboration with Lincoln Street Art Park, students of graphic design instructor Dan Sinclair wheat pasted their posters in a sanctioned area of Detroit. Dan says:
Recently we looked into socio-economical issues pertaining to the Detroit Metro area. In light of the recent bankruptcy circumstance in Detroit we had a jumping of point to look even further into other issues as well. By exploring Detroit's decayed landscape and current conditions we were able to find a sanctioned area to graffiti our posters…not something you can do in most cities! Despite all the socio-economical issues pertaining to the Detroit Metro area, we have embraced the large metro sprawl and its unique offerings, especially in regards to art and design community oriented projects. 
More about the project here. For more photos, check out the EMU flickr stream.

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