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Dancer, Verona, Italy, 2004

Photo by Stefano De Luigi / VII. Dancer, Verona, Italy, 2004.

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From the photographer: ”I have always considered this image as one of the most poetic of my entire career. A moment where chance has played his song entirely. I was in Verona, the town of Romeo and Juliet, and I was shooting a dance academy activities. Honestly, I was really bored. Maybe because it was cold and it was at the end of hard day where I was looking for a decent image to represent "the passion of the dance". I couldn't see anything that came close to fitting this concept. Then when the lesson was over and I had looked to the dark side of the ballroom, a dancer on her way to the locker room, mocked me, jumped and exclaimed "hey  photographer, look at this!"  It was a second I could not frame properly, nor decide on the speed of shooting... just shot once...and the magic appeared and she made my day."

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