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S5E1: Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is vice president of brand design at Chobani.

When Smith got to Chobani, it was the No. 1 Greek yogurt brand in America.

But the company had greater ambitions:
We started to do non-Greek yogurt. And then we might want to be more of a food-focused wellness company that might grow beyond even dairy and being in the dairy aisle. We needed a brand that could stretch and grow, and it had a very limited toolkit when we got hold of that brand. There just wasn't enough to build on, not enough personality.

Even with the photography style that we were taking that was very, like, farm-to-table look and feel, you could just Google "food photography" and Pinterest and we would like everyone. So we needed to go and find the kind of unique personality of all these awesome things. Chobani needed to come across in every single visual.

Listen to the episode to learn more about how Smith and her team tackled this challenge.

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