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S5E12: Dmitri Siegel

Dmitri Siegel is vice president of global brand at Sonos, which has opened stores to showcase their wireless speaker systems.

Before Sonos, Dmitri Siegel was an executive at Patagonia, where he worked to distinguish the environmentally conscious company from other companies’ attempts to broadcast their corporate social responsibility efforts. When he arrived at Patagonia, Siegel says,
they were doing the right thing but they weren't actually being recognized for it because of the rise of greenwashing.…Their commitment as a company is unquestionable, the product development cycle was all around environmental impact of their of their product and supply chain, but they really weren't breaking through in the culture.…
And in their customer research, they found
that really people weren't finding out about the environmental mission till like two, three, four years into their relationship with Patagonia. It would be like, you'd get a catalog three years later and then go, “You know, they are really doing the right thing here,” and all we did was say, let's make that the very first thing that you learn about Patagonia and just focus and sharpen the message.

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