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S1E9: Jay Parkinson

Dr. Jay Parkinson is the founder of Sherpaa, an online medical practice.

With Sherpaa, doctors and patients communicate through a smartphone app, asynchronously — so it’s more like an email thread than a phone call. Parkinson says that Sherpaa’s approach has advantages over a 10-minute office visit:

When you don’t have to look at somebody in the eyes, you can be a little more raw and a little more honest. And so for all the nuance we don’t get by not seeing you in person, I think we get a lot more detailed and accurate history.

Also, when you’re a doctor and a patient presents to you and is talking about something you haven’t seen in a few years, you have to wing it. But when it’s asynchronous, you can read up on it, brush up on your skills and your information and then get back to the patient.

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