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Waiting On the Dream

I contributed a piece on the (lack of) development in Midtown West a.k.a. Hudson Yards to The Architect’s Newspaper’s annual Developers Issue. Other writers tackled Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Jersey City. An excerpt:

The city may call it Midtown West, but the corner of 8th Avenue and 41st Street certainly doesn’t feel like Midtown. The monochromatic New York Times tower has nothing in common with the lights of 42nd Street, and the new Eleven Times Square, with its relatively rectilinear offices atop layers of scrolling screens, has nothing in common with the Port Authority, which has spawned a brand-name, low-price hotel district just to its south, where McSam and the Lam Group have squeezed shiny buildings onto narrow tenement lots. And that’s only one clash of cultures between the titans in this so-called neighborhood.

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